Mastering Dry January: A Coach’s Guide to Achieving  Success

It’s the second weekend in January and the going is getting tough – so many temptations out there after a long week at work.

How do you get THERE?

Here’s your ultimate guide to conquering dry January with confidence and resilience.

  • Define your ‘why’?

Begin by defining your reasons for challenging yourself to dry January. Why are you doing this? Why is it so important to you?

Whether it’s to improve your health, reset your relationship with alcohol, or boost your energy levels, having a clear purpose which is aligned with your values will strengthen your commitment. Write down why this is important to you and what changes you are looking for.

  • Create an Environment your Goal can Thrive in

Share your dry January journey with friends, family and colleagues who can support and motivate you. Stay away from those who will encourage you to drink alcohol.

Explore non-alcoholic options. Don’t limit yourself to water or juice – there’s a whole world of non-alcoholic drinks waiting to be discovered. Experiment with alcohol-free beers, wines,  mocktails, or herbal teas to find alternatives that suit your taste.

  • Have Strategies Ready for When you Feel Challenged

What can you have lined up to distract you when the going gets tough? Maybe an inspirational track of music or phoning a friend.

When faced with a choice  consider your goal. Do you want to be one step closer or one step further away?

Visualise how you will feel if you don’t manage to complete dry January.

  • Work on your To-do-list 

Replace the time spent socialising with alcohol with those things you have been meaning to do but not had the chance. Immerse yourself in fitness classes, a new hobby, reading all those self help books. Fully immerse yourself in self development of mind and body.

  • Reflect and Learn

Throughout the month, reflect on your experiences and notice any changes – physically, mentally, and emotionally. Consider journaling  and celebrate the milestones you achieve along the way.

  • Reset

If you find yourself having a drink take a moment to stop, pause and reset. Think about why you chose to have the drink, learn from it and re-immerse yourself into dry January

  • Prepare for the Future

As the month comes to an end, consider what lessons you’ve learned and how you want to incorporate those insights into your life moving forward. Whatever you decide, use this experience to create positive, lasting changes.

Remember, dry January is not just a month-long challenge; it’s an opportunity for personal growth and transformation. With a clear mindset, a supportive network, and strategic planning, you can successfully navigate the path to an alcohol-free January and set the tone for a healthier year ahead.

Cheers to your success!

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